Sleep Is Important!

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Sleep Is Important especially if you are a writer. My proof? After staying awake for an extended period I sat down at my computer to continue working on my current novel and instead, wrote this… Ha-ha. It has absolutely nothing to do with my novel, I don’t even know what was in my head when I wrote, so you have been warned. Get some sleep before you write.

It was like the gloom of night had opened up its famished mouth and gulped downed the midday sun as I stumbled blind into a little Irish pub.

“Welcome lad. There’s one step right in front of you so be careful.” Came a ruff voice from the darkness.

“Found it.” I said, as my foot slapped down painfully on the hardwood floor after plunging a bit farther down than I had expected. I couldn’t help stumbling a bit as my eyes strained to see something.

“You forget to pay the electric bill?” I said.

“You’re doing fine lad, just follow my voice and you’ll find the bar about twenty feet dead ahead.” I could hear chuckles from the local clientele, their eyes perfectly adjusted. No doubt they got a kick out of watching me floundering around in the darkness, arms outstretched feeling for the bar, a stool, anything to help me get my bearings. What I found was soft and warm, and my mind silently screamed “breast.” I heard a woman giggle as I recoiled my hand in shocked surprise.

“I’m sorry.” I said, feeling a rush of embarrassment wash over me.

“Don’t worry about it sweetie, I saw you coming and I could have moved if I wanted too.” Said a female voice. “I’m Irisa. The seat next to me is empty and I really wouldn’t mind the company.” The edges of a face surrounded by long wavy hair began to come into view as my eyes slowly adjusted to the room.

“Thank you, I guess I’d better sit down before I fall down. I’m Carlton Curry, nice to meet you Irisa.” Everything was finally coming into view, and the view was very nice indeed.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in here before.” She said, no doubt for the one thousandth time.

“I just flew in from New York City, first time here.” The small talk wasn’t all that original, but neither was the situation. In my business I traveled a lot, and I’ve stopped in a lot small joints like this. Nearly every one has an Irisa, or a Betty, although that one time in Cleveland I met a Lola that turned out to be a Lloyd. Forget that I mentioned it. Anyway I could tell from my first accidental touch, Irisa was no Lloyd.

“What will it be lad?” The bartender asked, his ruff voice matched his face now that I could see him. If I had to guess, I’d say judging from his flat busted up nose and his cauliflower ears that in his younger days he used to be a boxer, that or maybe a test dummy.”

“Beer, I don’t care what kind as long as it’s cold.” I said. “And get Irisa here whatever she’s drinking.”

“Sure thing lad.” He served us our drinks and looked at Irisa, then rolled his eyes back to me. I think he was trying to tell me something with his eyes, I thought I saw something in them, a warning, or an eyelash or a piece of lint. I gave him  a wink to let him know I understood, Irisa was damaged goods but that’s okay, I’m not exactly a alter boy, any more. I was in church, oh the fun I had alone with Father Burns, forget I mentioned that too.

Irisa leaned in close to my ear, “What would you say if I told you I have a room in the hotel across the street?”

I thought about for a moment. “I’d say that the theories about the extinction of the dinosaurs was still highly conjectural. Then I’d say I’m ready to go whenever you are sweetheart.”

She gave me a long odd look. “I think you’re weird, but kind of cute. Let’s finish our drinks and go.”


My First Time Blogging

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Hey, I’m Oletta and I love to write. This is my first blog and I plan to write in it often so please check back weekly. I’m hoping to become a professional writer some day writing fantasy novels. I have finished a few novels and they are getting better, however I know I still have a lot to learn before I would dare to submit it to anyone. As I post samples of my writing I welcome comments and subjections.

Thanks, Oletta